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Writing Articles Quickly and Effortlessly…
…To Powerfully Explode Traffic to your Website or Blog!

Laser-targeted, quality traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog. There are many free techniques to drive visitors your way, but none more successful, than writing articles and submitting them to article directories and ezines. You may be thinking ‘I can’t write’, ‘my grammar is terrible’ or maybe English isn’t even your first language…
I’m about to reveal how anyone can quickly and effortlessly learn the art of writing articles, and by allowing them to be republished, watch your traffic explode!

This is the step-by-step formula I use to write articles. Though it's not necessary to follow it exactly, it makes a good solid guideline…

Research – When you write an article, you want it to be read by as many people as possible, so make it search engine friendly, easily indexed and presented as good solid information. In addition to finding a profitable niche, your content must be relevant and scattered liberally, but not over the top, with your keywords. Go to Overture, type in your subject and scrutinise the resulting search terms.

Write a Catchy Title for your article – Make certain to prominently feature keywords in your title. A title should be attention grabbing – this is your chance to grab a browser’s attention and make them want to read more. If you use ‘shock tactics’ to engage your reader, be sure to qualify your claims later in the article.

Introduction – With your first few sentences, your aim should be to inform the reader what they can expect to gain by reading further. However, you don’t want to wring yourself out, at this point, leaving nothing to say later on.

The Body of your Text – Now you can get right into the ‘meat’ of your subject. Expand on points you introduced earlier, adding valuable information your reader won’t want to miss out on. Keep primarily to the facts; add a dash of humour and a pinch of excitement. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, when writing your articles. Given time, the more articles you write, the more skilful and confident you’ll become, in turn developing your own unique style.

Conclusion - Your work is almost done. You just need to pull the whole article together. Re-iterate the main points of your article and neatly round it off. You could also include hints of further information you have to offer.

And Finally – But very important, include your ‘resource box’ or ‘by-line, giving the hungry reader the opportunity to visit your website for more information. Keep it short, try to provoke excitement about writing articles or whatever your subject matter covers – don’t bore the pants off them!

Writing articles really isn’t that difficult, by following a simple formula – anyone can do it! Remember, careful use of keywords (but not too many) will attract higher search engine listings; the body of the text must be informative and interesting; your resource box should make people want to visit your website and learn more…

About The Author
Steph White is an author, affiliate marketer and webmaster at http://www.Riquochet.co.uk
>>Her Blog, http://WriteArticlesRight.blogspot.com, reveals tips, tricks and secrets the pro's use to build high ranking back links, boost web-presence and transform You into a viral advertising machine!




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